[Samba] kerberoized domain mamber

Heinz Hölzl heinz.hoelzl at gvcc.net
Tue Feb 16 12:03:30 MST 2010

hi list

is it possible have a kerberoized windows xp client as a samba3 - domain 
- member?

i have running a samba3 PDC, and the xp-machine is member of th domain. 
after the "ksetup /setrealm REALM" command the client is not more a 
domainmember, but it is in the workgroup "REALM".
the problem is, if the machine is not a domainmember, i have to add 
local users on xp instead using the users and groups from the 
samba-domain (ldap). without this i can not administrating the 
permissions of files and dirs form windows.

is there a way to combine both? Domainmember + kerberos + SSO


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