[Samba] Bug? Problem with domain joining: invalid dn (sambaDomainName=fnf-int, (null))

sven.ehret at comdok.de sven.ehret at comdok.de
Fri Feb 12 09:02:36 MST 2010

hello list,

I habe to upgrade a SAMBA/LDAP installation from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 
10.4 (alpha2) because Windows 7 needs to be supported.

I started by upgrading the BDC (OpenLDAP configured as consumer) to the 
new version, making sure that XP can join the domain and users can log in. 
As this was finished, I upgraded the PDC (holding smbldap-tools and 
OpenLDAP configured as producer).

Both installations I did as clean install (not by issuing apt-get 
dist-upgrade or the like).

I have transferred the SAMBA, LDAP and smbldap-tools configuration from 
the old distribution to the new one and think that it should be okay. 
However, when trying to let an XP host join the domain I get the error

slapd[4734]: conn=8 op=2 do_search: invalid dn 

XP says: “The following error occurred attempting to join the domain 
"fnf-int": The specified domain either does not exist or could not be 

This looks as if the LDAP suffix in either smb.conf or smbldap.conf is 
missing but this is unlikely because I have copied them from the old 
configuration. I also checked and they're there.

I already tried changing the entries in smbldap.conf from 
usersdn="ou=Users,${suffix}" to usersdn="ou=Users,dc=fnf-int,dc=intern" 
(so expanding the suffix variable), but this did not change the behaviour.

Is this a bug?

Can anyone help?

Best regards

Sven Ehret

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