[Samba] Dual booted clients with different name drop each other out of domain

Roman Muñoz tatel at infonegocio.com
Tue Feb 2 08:08:23 MST 2010

Tested this morning with static IPs set on /etc/network/interfaces: it 

I have seen that XP clients have domain configured as "school.net" when 
they fail to log in the user, it is enough to erase the .net so user can 
login again.

Ubuntu clients get "access denied" and we need to do "net ads join" 
again to get users login again.

I think this is about windows dhcp server having "school" as domain 
name, even if doc made on purpose for this server states it should be 
"school.net" (see original post). May be the dhcp service gives 
school.net to XP clients?

¿What do you think?

There are now some 10 machines, some with static IPs and some with DHCP, 
they will be "under observation" for about two weeks.

Thank you all for your answers!

Kevin Keane(e)k dio:
> The problem with dual-booting is that you end up with two DNS records pointing to the same IP address. Active Directory regularly tries to contact the clients one by one (it does that for any number of administrative purposes). If the machine is turned off and isn't responding at all - no problem. But if the machine is booted into Linux while AD tries to reach the Windows machine on the same IP, you get an error (I believe it is Kerberos Error 4).
> Another issue is that one of the two DNS records wouldn't have a matching reverse DNS record (PTR record), since there can only be one PTR record per IP address.
> All this happens when dual-booting different Windows versions, as well.
> In my experience, though, it's not really deadly - in fact, the user usually doesn't even know this is happening. What, specifically, do you mean by "drop each other out of the domain?"
> In my very small network, the easiest solution was to use a static IP for one of the two OS.
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>> Thanks for your answers.
>> Probably it would be not very difficult to change the MAC address. This
>> has the advantage that could work even if IT staff doesn't want to do
>> any change in their dhcpd configuration.
>> On the other hand, it seems that reconfiguring dhcpd would be a nicer
>> solution that could perhaps be accepted by IT staff. However the
>> pointer
>> given seems to be about linux dhcpd, not about windows dhcpd. After
>> some
>> googling I got the windows doc about vendor classes, but I wonder by
>> just changing host's name is not enough.
>> Could you guys give any pointer to dual boot problem between windows
>> OSes?
>> Thanks again,
>> Roman
>> Rob Townley(e)k dio:
>>> changing the MAC is not recommended.
>>> Same problem with dual booted win2k/winxp/winvista machines as well.
>>> Not just a Linux issue.
>>> Do u have control / influence over dhcpd?  if so, Linux clients and
>>> MSFT clients can be detected by their dhcp vendor id and then given a
>>> different hostname and ip address even though the MAC IS THE SAME.
>>> drbl.sf.net has a good example of using dhcp vendor id when assigning
>>> an ip configuration.
>>> look at /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf
>>> report back and let us know.
>>> On 1/30/10, Roman Muñoz <tatel at infonegocio.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm setting some Ubuntu Karmic clients on a school net. PDC is
>> windows
>>>> 2k3 r2. I realized that DHCP server sends only "school", not
>>>> "school.net" as domain name. I have been told that AD configuration
>> was
>>>> migrated "as is" from an older windows release. I used a "supersede"
>>>> line on client's dhcp.conf to get a correct domain name. I'm not
>>>> authorized to do any configuration change on PDC but could see the
>> event
>>>> log, etc.
>>>> Client machines are dual booted: XP client and Ubuntu client on the
>> same
>>>> machine get different unique names. Ubuntu clients are configured
>>>> following the guides available on the Net, and are working quite
>> well:
>>>> domain users can logon and shares are mounted.
>>>> But XP and Ubuntu keep dropping each other out of domain. Any ideas?
>>>> TIA
>>>> Roman
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