[Samba] Server being kicked out of the domain every couple of days...

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 21:54:09 MST 2010

Hi there.

Very particular issues here..

A few months ago, we migrated our authentication system to a MacOS
10.6 server mac mini. It acts as a KDC and Windows primary domain

No major problem there.

Except that once a week our main file server (samba client, domain
authentication) would deny any incoming connections.

I found that issuing a net join command ; entering the admin username
and password would make the file server accept connection again. Not
even a need to restart samba !

Being lazy, I added a script making the file server re-join the domain
on a weekly basis.

While at the beginning it was happening on a weekly basis, it turned
out it could happen more often. So I changed the cron to run at 3AM
each day.

Turned out, it's not enough either :(

So my question is.. Has anyone encountered such issues earlier?
Why would I need to make this machine rejoin the domain at such a
regular interval?

don't have any issues with any other machines :(


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