[Samba] Need a little help with Samba 3.5.5 on FreeNAS 7.2.5543

Michael Wood esiotrot at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 03:57:19 MST 2010

On 20 December 2010 04:16, Steve B <steveb7 at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Not sure what you mean by "remote the file". I can open and read the file

I believe he meant "remove".  I think he was just wondering if you got
a different error with the file missing, which would prove that
Audiotron was actually accessing the file.  If you got the same
symptoms, then it's possible that Audiotron was not actually
finding/reading the file at all.

> in any editor, but the Audiotron performs some sort of read function on the
> file that tells it there are X number of radio stations defined in the file.
> The file is basically an XML file.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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