[Samba] Can Constant Failed Connection Attempts Crash a Server?

Andy Liebman andyliebman at aol.com
Wed Dec 15 09:37:12 MST 2010

> Freezing up means a kernel bug not a Samba problem. Can you ping the
> servers when they have frozen up ?
Yes, but no ssh or KVM.
>> Something is going on here.  What more can we do to investigate it?
> You need to get real data. Get servers that experience
> the problem regularly to send log data about memory/disk/vm
> usage off-machine via the network, that way it doesn't
> matter if they become unresponsive - you have the last
> data they sent which should lead you in the right direction.
We're going to have another try at this. We think we may have data on 
one machine that we collected to a file before a crash. If not, we will 
set up a data collection job that will automatically start on each reboot.

One more interesting data point today.  The transcoding workstations 
trying to connect are trying to access UNC paths.  They are not trying 
to mount the Samba shares.  Found this posting on the web today:


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