[Samba] maximum NTLM_AUTH/Winbind concurrent request

Tharanga Abeyseela (RGA) tharanga.abeyseela at rexelga.com.au
Thu Dec 9 20:46:27 MST 2010

Hi Guys,

Iam using Samba Version 3.3.8-0.52.el5_5.2, (RPM)  and iam authenticating AD users with ntlm_auth (third party program using ntlm_auth to authenticate users through samba) . but my problem is how many concurrent requests can be handled by the ntlm_auth. I have seen lot of issues on squid proxy server (too many queued ntlm_auth requests and squid failures.)

Whats the maximum simultaneous connections it can handle ? (is it 256 ? ) how can I increase the limit ? and whats the maximum limit for that ?


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