[Samba] OT: permission denied when opening PDF docs with Acrobat Reader X potected mode

Marcus lists at localguru.de
Wed Dec 8 09:25:55 MST 2010


Am Mittwoch, den 08.12.2010, 08:46 +0900 schrieb TAKAHASHI Motonobu:
> > Should I disable "host msdfs" and "msdfs root" to "No"?
> I recommend to disable those, unless  you want to explicitly set to "yes".

I've set "msdfs root" to "Yes" on a test samba (3.4.7 ubuntu LTS
10.04.1) today and got a "permission denied" error when opening PDF
files with Acrobat Reader X on a WinXP SP3 Client; setting "msdfs root"
back to "No" results in no problems. I got the same error on a NetApp
file server with activated DFS on user's home dirs too.

>From the Adobe Website: "Cannot open PDF files whose source is DFS or
NFS: PDF files in shared locations on a distributed  or networked file
system (DFS/NFS) cannot be opened. Attempting to open such a file
results in an error opening this document. Access denied." [1]

The error doesn't come up on a Vista or Win7 clients.

I'll set "msdfs root" to "No" on my live system tonight.



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