[Samba] Help with Samba4 running logon script

Mark Sheppard mes at ams.org
Wed Dec 1 14:41:19 MST 2010


I am currently testing a Samba4 Alpha13 server with Windows Vista SPK2 
and I am not able
to run logon scripts. I am able to use both profiles and map Home 
folders without any
problems. I do not see any DOS window opening with the script running 
and I have tested
running this as both a user and administrator by hand by just clicking 
on the script .bat file
which runs just fine. Therefore, there appears to be no permissions 
problem when you run it.
I did also try inserting a net use command in the .bat just in case it 
was really working but
I don't see any mapped drive either. Maybe this is a problem with Vista 
and I need to change
a setting there? If you have any suggestions on what to check I would 
greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Mark Sheppard

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