[Samba] map samba shares on windows 7 via ssh

Thomas Gutzler thomas.gutzler at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 20:48:34 MDT 2010


I'm trying to map a remote samba share as a network drive on my windows
box. Unfortunately, I can't just browse there because I'm not in the
same subnet. What I can do, however, is ssh to the samba box and set up
some port forwarding. The following procedure worked just fine with XP
but Windows 7 seems to require more tweaking:

1) in cmd: net stop server
2) putty to samba box with port 139 forwarded to 139 on the remote box
3) in cmd: net use z: \\\share /user:tom /persistent:no

I tried this on Win7 with a disabled firewall. No Luck. Any suggestions?


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