[Samba] AD caching with Samba?

Ryan Whelan ryan.whelan at tbamerica.com
Wed Aug 25 11:18:11 MDT 2010

I'm not sure this is possible, I'm sort of leaning to the negative, but I
thought i would ask anyway. (I am not a windows or domain networking guy)

We have a large (and growing) number of windows servers. Many of them are
DCs. While I read Samba can't serve as a BDC to a Windows PDC, can it just
forward requests to the windows DC and just cache the results for future
look ups? (with an adjustable cache time out of course)

We have a bunch of remote locations that don't need to be able to make
changes to the domain and just replacing their DCs with something that will
cache queries to the main DC would be ideal.

Like I said, not my area of expertise.



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