[Samba] Windows Vista keeps on deleting cached roaming profile

erik bergsma ebergsma1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 06:07:08 MDT 2010

@ Dave: thnx for your pointers but i already tried those (See my first post)
with no luck...

@ All: the problem becomes weirder and weirder:
i have set up a new PDC with the same samba version, (only difference is
that its not clustered, and doesn't have the LDAP back end), and when i
create a profile on that domain, the user profile will stay cached on

however when i join the same machine to the domain that is having the
problems, and create a new profile as well for a new user, the cached user
profile gets deleted again from c:\users\

so to conclude that; the problem is either my CTDB or my LDAP back end,
which make no sense what so ever :(

2010/8/19 David Mathog <mathog at caltech.edu>

> On second thought, the previous method was for older WIndows.  Use
> the group policy editor and look at:
>  Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System ->
> User Proiles -> Delete user profiles ...
> If that is enabled, then the user profiles would disappear in the specified
> number of days.
> Regards,
> David Mathog

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