[Samba] How to use TCP IP print port in samba

Patrick Chalifoux patrick.chalifoux at cshbo.qc.ca
Thu Aug 19 12:53:28 MDT 2010

Hello, I use samba as a print server and it work very well, I use cups
and push driver from samba.

But I have some driver (like Canon ImageRunner 5070) that need to talk
directly to the printer to use some feature like ask ID (and validate ID
on the printer) before printing.

So on the printer property, I need to see Port: and
Description: Standard TCP/IP port, instead of Samba Printer Port and
Description: Local Port

I know that is run in Windows, but all my servers use samba.

I found the way in smb.conf with the enumports command = /sript.sh (the
script do echo ""), but I still have description: Local Port.

It also have the addport command = /script.sh but I doesn't see any
example on the net.

I try to look on samba source code but I found noting I understand.

Anyone have an idea?

Computer Tech at HBO school board

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