[Samba] samba 3.4.8 / solaris / unix secondary groups

Reinhard Sojka reinhard.sojka at parlament.gv.at
Mon Aug 23 04:58:38 MDT 2010


some years ago I had a similar problem with Solaris 9 and Samba 3.0.x. 
The reason was some sort of incompatibility between OpenLDAP's libldap 
and Sun's libsldap, can't remember the exact details. Anyway the 
behavior of Solaris 9 in honoring secondary groups was dependent on the 
patch level, and the whole issue was resolved with a patch from Sun.
Are you sure that both servers are on the same patch level? Check 
/etc/release and the patches for LDAP on both systems, maybe you can 
find a difference that explains this behavior.

kind regards,

Joe Cammisa wrote:
> samba-3.4.8 built under solaris_10 (--with-krb5=/sr/local/lib --with-ads
> --with-ldap); on my test server it runs flawlessly; however on the
> production server, there is a big exception:  users' secondary group
> memberships are not honored.
> >
> >
> again, same samba version, built against the same libraries in the same
> way with the same config file in both cases.  any one with an idea how i
> might make this work?  many thanks in advance!!
> -joe

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