[Samba] Samba configuration question

Song, Young Young.Song at NOVELLUS.com
Mon Apr 19 12:19:40 MDT 2010





I have a top-level directory called /data existing on a Solaris server
that I'd like to make browsable and readonly by anybody at my company.


Let's say I have the following in my smb.conf.


What if I want to share /data's subdirectories (e.g., /data/01,
/data/02, /data/01/group1, /data/01/group2, etc.) writeable by only
authorized users per subdirectory? Could someone please give me some




   workgroup = Alpha

   netbios name = dataserver01

   security = share



   path = /data

   available = yes

   browsable = yes

   public = yes

   writeable = yes

   guest ok = yes

   readonly = yes



Thanks in advance.



- Young



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