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Damien Dye damien.j.dye at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 16 07:42:15 MDT 2010

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Damien Dye BSC(hon)

On 16 April 2010 13:54, Lucy Little <lucyann.little at yahoo.com> wrote:

> My husband has installed Samba - swat and wants to link all the computers
> in the house, so "he can back them up daily."
> I read the About info on your website, but still have a few questions:
> 1. I work online, can Samba capture any information (passwords, screen
> shots, personal information, administrative log on) that might jeopardize my
> job's security? no.
> 2. Can personal emails be tracked and passwords captured? no not unless you
> save the files holding them to the samba server.
> 3. Can live chat be captured? no it's for windows file sharing !!!
> 4. Can personal email addresses be opened using Samba? it's for windows
> file sharing not emails!!
> Thank you,
> Lucy
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