[Samba] KVNO keeps getting higher and higher

Richard Smits R.Smits at tudelft.nl
Wed Apr 14 09:17:40 MDT 2010


We have clients running Fedora 11. They are running samba and winbind 


Our problem is that the KVNO (Key Version Number) msDS-KeyVersionNumber 
keeps changing in the AD and is getting higher and higher. We are at 16 
now and counting.

The problem is that I have to recreate a new keytab file because our 
clients are also using a nfs4/krb5 mount on another server.

When the version is higher than local in the keytab, the krb5 security 
will not work anymore.

I have talked to the Windows sysadmins and the say that the password for 
a computer object is changed every 30 days, but my experience is that 
the key is increased every couple of days it seems.

But the strange thing is that this is not for every computer object. 
There are also linux servers with AD computer objects that still have 
version 2 ? How is this possible ? This is a mystery for me.

The other servers are using pam_winbind. Could that be the reason why 
the number will not increase in their case ?

I hope to get some hints why this keeps happening.

Greetings .. Richard

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