[Samba] Active Directory and Samba as fileserver

Ivan Ordonez ordonezivan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 19:11:23 MDT 2009


We have a Gentoo box running Samba and is a member of the Active  
Directory domain. This Gentoo box is going to be a fileserver.  I want  
our users to login to their computer using Active Directory for  
authentication. The computers are all members of the Active Directory  
domain.  I setup Samba to use Winbind. All is working smoothly (ie.  
wbinfo, smbclient, getent, etc....) I can also access the shared drive  
and login to a machine without a problem using Active Directory  
accounts.  The authentication is working as it should.

For some odd reason, I can't figure out how to give permissions to all  
users the ability to make changes/add new folders on the shared  
drive.  I am getting access denied even when the users or group are  
valid users of the shared drive per smb.conf.  Any help would be  
greatly appreciated.


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