[Samba] Broken samba

Bob Williams linux at barrowhillfarm.org.uk
Thu Sep 24 03:18:31 MDT 2009

Hi Adam,

On Thursday 24 September 2009 02:56:42 Adam Nielsen wrote:
> > The following makes me think my samba installation is seriously broken,
> > but I don't where to start looking to fix it...
> >
> > barrowhillfarm:~ # smbd restart
> > Aborted (core dumped)
> Possibly one of the libraries that Samba uses has been upgraded, and
> Samba is still accessing it as if it was the old version.
> Recompiling Samba should fix the problem, and is a good excuse to
> upgrade to the latest release while you're at it.
Many thanks. I had a feeling the problem was pretty fundamental, rather than a 
misconfigured config file. Time to get my hands dirty :)

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