[Samba] progress! (just good news...no problems this post)!

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Tue Sep 22 18:51:26 MDT 2009

Thanks to various inputs (and lots of reading/rereading of my books/manpages) and lots of experimentation...(and light bulbs turning on).

I now have windows ACLS/permissions working on my samba shares and they are
being automatically stored in the XFS xattrs.  (I checked that they are being
added on the server with the xattr cmd).  Yippie! (yeah, big whoop to you ol' timers,
but...baby steps).  This was my happiest accomplishment!  Other smaller steps:

Converted to tdbsam (from smbpasswd) (at least until I get ldap working).
and have domain users/groups working (again! -- they were working a few years ago,
but during some upgrade, they stopped.  Any wonder why I tremble at server upgrades?)

Even am trying out the equivalent of the 'trashcan' (too bad it's not integrated 
in windows with "undo" and with the trashcon-icon functionality...).

Now I wonder if I can get the windows system-restore service to start keeping
state on some of those drives....:-).

Just thought I'd buck the normal trend and post some positive stuff about
things I've gotten working over the past few weeks...


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