[Samba] station can t join domain due to wins cache

Stephane Durieux Stephane.Durieux at iutv.univ-paris13.fr
Fri Sep 11 15:35:20 MDT 2009


A problem that might be usefull to mention (or not).

Sometimes, I encountered a problem with some stations that couldn t  
join the samba domain.
It was due to the wins cache. (the samba conf was configured to  
provide wins service)
I had already joined the domain with those stations before during tests.
The solution was to stop samba and erase the wins cache (by default on  
debian lenny /var/lib/samba/wins.dat). Then I had to restart samba and  
the file was regenerated.
In my opinion, the best bet is probably to turn off wins service while  
stations join the domain but I am not an expert.

Stephane Durieux

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