[Samba] How to get Default builtins added?

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Mon Sep 14 21:06:38 MDT 2009

I recently decided to upgrade to the tdbsam: backend, but I'm
missing the built-security principles.

Do I need to go back to the smbpasswd backend, and add them in
the file *first* before converting?

I had them there at one point, but I think I think I deleted 
them because they weren't working.  Cygwin's mkgroup command couldn't
seem to pull in the groups from my samba server). But, by default, 
files I create through the 'gui' get created with group '513' (Domain

Any scripts to add the default principles to a newly
converted TDBSAM?

Thanks for any help...been hitting the Samba-3 howto book and
the pdf updates and man pages to no avail, and my fingers are 
falling off (sigh).


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