[Samba] smbclient -M

Marcello Romani mromani at ottotecnica.com
Mon Sep 14 00:31:43 MDT 2009

Adam Nielsen ha scritto:
>> # smbclient -M Client01
>> Connection to Client01 failed. Error NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
>> but:
>> # smbclient -L Client01 -U myuser
>> Enter myuser's password: 
>> Domain=[MYDOMAIN] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager]
> That's a bit odd.  What happens if you use an IP address instead?  Does
> "nmblookup Client01" work?
> Don't forget that you need the "Messenger" service running on the target
> PC otherwise the message won't be sent (Start, Run, services.msc)
> Cheers,
> Adam.

    I can confirm that if the Messenger service is not running on the 
target machine, then NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME error is returned by 
smbclient -M
If the messenger service is running, echo "message" | smbclient -M 
<machine-name> works instead.



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