[Samba] Desiring to set up Windows Vista and Linux Fedora Core 4 Samba; brand new subscriber

Barry L. Bond bbond at cfl.rr.com
Fri Sep 4 22:29:33 MDT 2009

Hello, Gary!

     Thank you very much for your reply!

>I read your entire post and am still not sure of what you want. Can you
>define the roles that the various computers will be playing vis-a-vis
>Samba - such as:

>Vista: Samba client
>Fedora: Linux file server
>Solaris: does not participate

     Sorry that I was not more clear in this manner.  That's pretty well

     Since I am fine with "doing things" (be it submit a printout or
transfer a file) from the Windows side, the Vista would be the client, and
the samba daemon is running on the Fedora Linux.

     The Solaris does not participate directly; its presence allows what
is processed on the Linux to be received on the D-Link router, since it is
a router.

>However, what I generally recommend is that you install and use SWAT on
>your Samba server. The configuration wizard works quite well.

     Ah... SWAT ... a "configuration wizard"... I will look into getting
that and seeing if that helps me!

     I didn't know about this.  I'll see whether I have it, or it looks as
though it is download-able...  I'll let you know!

     Thank you!


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