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SkyBeam rme at bluemail.ch
Wed Sep 2 01:29:27 MDT 2009

SkyBeam wrote:
> However the error about changing the primary DNS domain remained.
> I don't know if this is relevant at all or just annoying. The DNS suffix
> for the connection is published by the DHCP server here. But maybe the
> message is about something else.

I just discovered that this message is indeed about the primary DNS suffix.
The 'ipconfig /all' command now lists multiple suffixed:
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : DOMAIN

Where "domain.local" seems to be pushed by DHCP but the first entry (DOMAIN)
seems to be pushed by domain join. Unfortunately it takes priority.
Therefore access to hostnames without appended DNS domain name fail here.
ping server
Windows 7 tries to resolve 'server.DOMAIN' which fails due to the fact that
there is no DNS response for this hostname. Pinging "server.domain.local"
works as expected. Unfortunately this breaks services/scripts/applications
which were just using the hostname and relying on the DNS suffix.

Actually I tried to work-around this issue as follows:
Go to tystem properties and open the Computer Name tab and click on the
"Change..." button (exactly as you would to change domain membership).
Now in the "Computer Name/Domain Changes" window click on the "More..."
button and uncheck the "Change primary DNS suffix when domain membership
changes" checkbox.
Then click OK and switch to Domain membership. Now join the domain as usual.

Unfortunately Windows 7 seems to ignore my settings. It still tries to
change the DNS suffix and pops up the same error message. However the
checkbox remains unchecked but the DNS suffix for this computer is still
inserted as "DOMAIN". When I try to change it later on using the "DNS Suffix
and NetBIOS Computer Name" dialog box the "The specified domain either does
not exist or could not be contacted" continues to pop up.

It looks to me like Windows contacts the domain controller but Samba does
not answer - or answers with unexpected value.

The work-around I am using now is that I renamed my domain using smb.conf
from "DOMAIN" to "domain.local" (equal to the DNS suffix). Samba
automatically created a new sambaDomainName entry in LDAP which uses the
same domain SID. Surprisingly even my vista machine which was joined to the
DOMAIN NT-Domain did not even complain about the disappeared "DOMAIN" and
seems to be able to connect to the "domain.local" NT-Domain without any
change (while in system properties it still claims to be member of the
"DOMAIN" NT-Domain).

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