[Samba] Simple CIFS Linux permission

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Thu Sep 3 03:45:33 MDT 2009

Willem P. Botha wrote:
>> Have you tried connecting as your user account and letting the force 
>> user in smb.conf do its work? When your Windows clients connect, they 
>> are using their own ids and that is working. Why are you doing it 
>> differently for Linux?
> Now that is the weird thing, The windows clients are also connecting
> with the same details. There is now domain controller on this network.
> Everybody connect to a DHCP server that the Router manages, and thus I
> have a browse master war in my network, but that is another problem. 
> So far I can figure, the windows clients don't have the same gid's as
> Linux, and thus don't have the same problem. I am just not sure how
> windows figures that it should use the login user to save files. 
You're using username "fileserver" to connect the share on Windows?

After giving it some more thought, I still cannot figure out what you 
are trying to do. If you want to give everyone write access to the 
files, why not just set the permissions to a+rwx and forget about all 
this "force user" stuff? I suspect that turning off "guest" access and 
opening it up to anyone who can provide connection privileges will work 

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