[Samba] Disk Shares ID'ed as Printers

John V. Kjellman johnk at victorex.com
Tue Sep 1 19:17:43 MDT 2009

I'm configuring Samba 3.0.33-3.7 on a RHEL 5.2 LINUX server and all is 
well except my disk shares are all ID'd as Type Printer vice Disk, and I 
don't have an ADMIN$ share. I have the O'Reilly SAMBA book, and three 
working Samba 2.X servers as running examples, but I can't find anything 
to account for the problem.

Both SMBD and NMBD are running, testparm yields no errors, and the SAMBA 
server itself and the assigned disk shares appear on the network, it's 
just they can't be opened because SAMBA thinks they are printers not 
disk shares.

Any hints will be appreciated.

John V. Kjellman
Henniker NH

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