[Samba] Samba/Cups issues across a network

Marc Chamberlin marc at marcchamberlin.com
Wed Oct 28 18:26:41 MDT 2009


I am in the process of trying to set up a Cups server and a Samba server 
on a central Linux system in my home SOHO network. The network is 
configured as a simple workgroup with all peer to peer connections. 
There is no domain controller. On this network I have a printer attached 
to a Win2K machine.

The Cups server is require so as to use a special driver from TurboPrint 
for processing and preparing files for printing. Most of the Samba 
server seems to be set up correctly in that I am able to access shared 
files from other computers on my network. The only part which is not 
working is the ability to send files to the Samba server, from other 
computers on my network, for forwarding on to the Cups server, which in 
turn processes and forwards the files on to the Win2K system for 
printing out.

If, on the central server itself, I use an lp command to send a file 
directly to the CUPs server, it works fine and the file will be printed 
out. And like I mentioned I can browse files on the server from other 
computers on my network. So, too my uneducated eyes, this appears to be 
possibly some sort of authentication problem between the Samba server 
and the Cup's server? If so, how can I trace it down to figure out 
exactly why such a problem is occurring?

Another item of interest is that when I send a file from some computer 
on my network, to the Samba/Cups server on the central computer, I do 
see briefly the print job showing up in the print queue on the Win2K 
machine! So perhaps there is some sort of authentication issue that is 
arising from all this interaction and the Win2K machine is refusing to 
print the job because of some kind of authentication problem? Again, if 
so, how can I trace it down?

The Samba server is configured to use User level security. I have looked 
in the various log files, Samba appears to be reporting that everything 
went fine and the incoming username/password were accepted. However I do 
not see anything being reported in the CUP's log files...

Dunno what other info is needed, and will be happy to supply copies of 
any config files that might be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help 
offered, I know this might be more complex than most setups, but I am at 
a loss on how to proceed.

   Marc Chamberlin

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