[Samba] Samba 3.3.4 very slow file access times

John Goubeaux goubeaux at education.ucsb.edu
Wed Oct 21 12:28:49 MDT 2009

Can anyone shed any light ( or offer dome diagnosing tips) on why I 
am seeing a considerable time delay in opening and writing back to 
excel files on  a Samba 3.3.4 build  where as the same file on an 
earlier build (2.2.8.a)  does not exhibit the same latency ???    - 
11 seconds as opposed to 3 seconds.    The problem does not seem to 
be as pronounced with other file types though it is still slower.

This problem has been plaguing me since I upgraded samba to a new 
host and went production on it and  NOW I am receiving a barrage of 
complaints from admin staff with the "why did you break it" ? 
underscore !!

At this point I have ruled out the obvious. Hosts running the builds 
are on same network, storage is faster on the new build, same ver of 
excel, same file (7mb) accessed from same machine. Newer build is 
running on substantially faster hardware, and storage BUT  is authing 
against an ldap backend as opposed to /etc/passwd

Any suggestions are appreciated  !!   ( I will score big points and 
possibly keep my job if i can solve this !!)


SMBSTATUS info on share/file used for testing:

	Samba version 2.2.8a   KADY  OS Solaris 8
Service      uid      gid      pid     machine

test         john     staff     9896   el-gusano-huapo 
( Wed Oct 21 10:45:26 2009

Locked files:
Pid    DenyMode   Access      R/W        Oplock           Name
9896   DENY_WRITE 0x2019f     RDWR       NONE 
/shared_files/gse/test/testxls3.xls   Wed Oct 21 10:47:39 2009

	Samba version 3.3.4	MINA  OS Solaris 10
PID     Username      Group         Machine

13903     test          ldaptest      el-gusano-huapo (

Locked files:
Pid          Uid        DenyMode   Access      R/W        Oplock 
SharePath   Name   Time
13903        6000       DENY_WRITE 0x2019f     RDWR       NONE 
/data/test   testxls3.xls   Wed Oct 21 10:49:48 2009

John Goubeaux
Systems Administrator
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
UC Santa Barbara
ESSB 4203C
805 893-8190

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