[Samba] Password prompt in security = share

Rafael Camacho rafael at dotti.com.br
Wed Oct 21 06:41:54 MDT 2009


    I need to create a samba server with multiple shares.

    Imagine the scenario:


    When a windows user try to access Server for the first time, he can access \\server and list all of shares.

    When click in Public, can access without password prompt, full access.

    When click in Depto1, samba ask for password, but in the password dialog, Username is blocked (Guest) and password is blank.

    In a Windows 2008 server, the username and password are in blank too, but when try to log using a user declared in 'valid users', logon failed.

    Using: security = user, It works! But, ask for password to access the Server.

Some idea to help me?

Best Regards.

Rafael Camacho

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