[Samba] migrate Windows Active Directory Users to Samba+LDAP

Osmany Goderich Navarro osmany at oc.quimefa.cu
Tue Oct 20 02:34:08 MDT 2009

morgan at tuxedo.darktech.org wrote:
> On Tue 20/10/09 3:06 AM , Osmany Goderich Navarro 
> <osmany at oc.quimefa.cu> wrote:
>     100 users added. I just want to transfer all the AD users to de
>     PDC in
>     Debian. I tried using pwdump to extract AD users but with no positive
>     results. Please help
> That wouldn't work, as I understand it.  Unless something has changed 
> significantly in the past few years,  pwdump programs are for dumping 
> SAM (local) accounts and not for dumping ActiveDirectory accounts.  
> I'm guessing you'd need to use some LDAP tools to dump out an LDIF of 
> the user OU trees.
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I've also tried to use de ldifde utility that's built in AD and it works 
fine. I can specifically extract de OU of my interest but the problem is 
that the users in the output file come out with lots of attributes that 
are not compatible with the samba schema. I'm wondering if there is some 
script that can restructure and modify the users so that I can import 
these users to OpenLDAP with a simple ldapadd command.

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