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Joerg Thuemmler listen at vordruckleitverlag.de
Mon Oct 19 23:44:11 MDT 2009

Russell Pardo schrieb:
> To whom this may concern,
> I do apologise first off for contacting your organisation, but I have scoured the internet looking for any answers to the problems I am having with Samba, and nothing even remotely comes close the solution I need. Second apology for my ignorance of Linux.
> What I'm trying to do, is, I have two computers both with the same Linux distro ([K]Ubuntu), version (9.04), Samba 3.3.2-1, using Konqueror as as my network browser. Every time I try to browse my network I get Konqueror error message "Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall", as to my knowledge/experience Ubuntu has no firewall and if it does I have no clue about it.
> When I started this connection of trying to use Samba, using default settings, setting up the share, allowing anything/everything/everyone to connect, browsable, writeable, readable, basically unsecured everything, even no passwords, I still get this error message.
> My question, is it possible to even allow Linux2Linux network sharing with Samba? Everything out there is geared for Windows2Linux. If it is possible what would I have to do to my smb.conf file to enable this?
> I am really trying to get away from Windows and peer2peer networking is my biggest hang-up.
> Thank you for reading my email.
> russell pardo

Hi, Russel,

there is, indeed no need for samba connecting 2 linuxes, use nfs
instead. It will be simpler... printer sharing should be done over cups

On the other hand ... samba should work too.  If you want both pc to
"see" the other you need smb / nmb started on both and shares on both.
If ping between them works, please show your smb.conf files. Kubuntu
IMHO has natively no firewall started, so that should not be the reason.
If you're unsure scan each other with nmap to see whether samba ports
are open (/etc/services gives portnames/numbers).

cu jth

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