[Samba] winbind separator oddity

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Oct 18 07:02:10 MDT 2009


Thanks for the idea on winbind dyeing over time. Unfortunately that was
not happening. You would think that would make sense,but no dice. If I do
a restart of winbind the problem is not resolved. I simply have to comment
or uncomment the line at ' winbind separator = + ' and each user can save
files correctly. I have tried troubleshooting with the wbinfo and all that
and everything appears to be correct until Monday morning! Then the wbinfo
adds domain+ username. As soon as I do my workaround and restart Samba
then this ends up being resolved. i have tried adding most all of the
winbind switches in the global portion of Samba and none seem to make any
difference. Also I do not see any cron jobs on this server that runs
particularly on Sunday night that would make Samba choke? I am wondering
if maybe a samba function on one of the other Linux servers in the server
rack that runs,without me finding it,could be causing Samba to choke on
this particular server. I was hoping I could figure out some sort of
script to run as a cron job on early Monday morning to automate my
workaround,,,? if you have any ideas on this let me know. Thanks again


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