[Samba] 2 questions: Linux filesystems that truly compare to NTFS / winbind causes Linux to lockup when connectivity to AD is lost

Szabolcs Szakacsits szaka at tuxera.com
Fri Oct 16 17:14:26 MDT 2009

 <admin <at> ateamonsite.com> writes:

> First, XFS seems to work well for me until it was discovered it has a
> limited amount of ACLs that can be set in the file system, (25! ) and
> extended attribute support is kinda kludged in with the same space the ACLs
> take up… which can lead to all sorts of issues when dealing with
> inheritance and the importing of ACLs/EAs etc from files stored on NTFS.
> Thus I feel that XFS is somewhat poor FS to mimic NTFS.
> My question:
> Is there any Linux file system out there that can compare accurately with
> NTFS? 

NTFS-3G has unlimited support for them (since version 2009.10.5-RC or
using the advanced branch):


However most often we have to limit possibilities to the Windows NTFS 
level otherwise Windows would BSOD.

Regards,  Szaka

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