[Samba] 2 questions: Linux filesystems that truly compare to NTFS / winbind causes Linux to lockup when connectivity to AD is lost

admin at ateamonsite.com admin at ateamonsite.com
Mon Oct 12 18:21:07 MDT 2009

Hello samba gurus,

I have a couple of questions regarding Linux file systems, and their
ability to mimic NTFS, and the other question is regarding winbind and its
uncanny ability to virtually lock up a samba AD member server once
connectivity to the AD is lost. I apologize if anyone gets annoyed by this

I am using samba 3.2 with XFS+ACL support joined as a AD domain member and
all UID/GIDs are using the winbind  idmap backend 

First, XFS seems to work well for me until it was discovered it has a
limited amount of ACLs that can be set in the file system, (25! ) and
extended attribute support is kinda kludged in with the same space the ACLs
take up… which can lead to all sorts of issues when dealing with
inheritance and the importing of ACLs/EAs etc from files stored on NTFS.
Thus I feel that XFS is somewhat poor FS to mimic NTFS.
My question:
Is there any Linux file system out there that can compare accurately with
NTFS? I want seemingly unlimited ACLs, EAs and stream support that can
meet, if not exceed the capabilities of NTFS.
This is basically a requirement that is a deal breaker for me…
Am I asking too much? What file systems do you use? How do they compare to

(disclaimer: advice asking me to contribute to the development of a file
system is moot as I am not a coder)

Now, my other curiosity is the problem I am having with winbind. If I am
joined to a domain with samba on my test network, and then I power off my
domain controllers, winbind is still alive but I cannot log into my local
terminal, I cannot SSH to the server, I cannot run commands such as   “man
smb.conf” or “ls” etc etc till I kill winbind. It is very hard to recover
from this and basically will render the system unusable.
Lets say I mess up my DNS settings on my linux box after being joined to
the domain… then the problem can be even harder to fix as the server is
locked up, the AD domain is fine, and I cant log into the Linux box via
SSH, local terminal etc to fix the DNS settings! There are other scenarios
I could imagine how this condition could occur, so this is a huge concern
for me…

I have played with the “disable caching” with winbind and that is not
really a healthy solution to the issue. I am stuck with what decision is
best here as there seems to be no solution.

Thank you for your help, and keep up the good work! 


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