[Samba] Desiring to set up Windows Vista and Linux Fedora Core 4

Barry L. Bond bbond at cfl.rr.com
Fri Oct 9 22:33:52 MDT 2009

Hi Gary!

     Thank you for your reply and help!

>I'd begin by upgrading to something more recent than Fedora Core 4. I
>believe there are some issues that Vista introduced that required some
>changes in Samba (I may be wrong on this, but I suspect upgrading to
>something more recent is still a good idea). At the very least, see if
>there is a backport for a more recent version of Samba to FC4.

     I just now read a previous post from you that also indicated concerns
with my running FC4, that I missed before.

     I am afraid that right now I just don't have any time for the
computer stuff at home I used to have so well set up and caught up.  :-(

     Right now, given that there are very important things I need to get
to each week that I don't get to (you can see the one time a week that I
may have a half hour or so to revisit my strong desire to be able to print
from Windows, even though I don't need to often!), I'm afraid I'm in an
"if it works, don't fix it" mode...

     By "backport" do you mean a more recent version of Samba that will
work in FC4?

>It sounds like you are using FC4 as a file & print server. All you need
>to do on it is share the resources (folders and printers) and set up the
>permissions and accounts (if required).

     On the Windows, I did do some things along this line (setting up
sharing) last week...

>You don't mention which version of Vista you are using, and I don't know
>if they crippled certain versions like they did with XP to prevent them
>from joining domains. However, if you can join Vista to a domain,
>install and use SWAT to set up Samba as a domain controller and use it
>to log in from Vista.

     If I go to Control Panel and double click System, it says this:

Windows edition..........

      Windows Vista Ultimate
      Copyright 2007 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
      Service Pack 2

     Does that tell you what you were desiring?  (I don't know Windows
very well.)  :-)

     Last week, I did read something that was along the lines of Vista
communicating with Samba.  I have already forgotten what they called it,
but I did find (with very explicit instructions posted by someone where I
was reading about that, in a Microsoft forum) and I checked a different
thing, to see whether that would work...

     Gary, I really appreciate your help.  On terminology, how do I join
Vista to a domain?

     Thank you!

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