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Thu Oct 1 08:21:12 MDT 2009

sgmayo at mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us wrote:
> I am not sure if this is where I need to ask this or not, but I am lost to
> where to start even.
> I had 7 computers in one lab that would not login.  It gave the standard
> "computer account password bad or domain not found".  I had another 9
> computer in my other lab do the same thing.  It seems that they have
> suddenly started losing the domain.  I can add them to a workgroup and
> then re-add them back to the domain and they are fine.
> I am just scared that they are going to lose the domain again.  I cannot
> spend all of my time going around removing computers and adding them back
> to the domain each day.  Any ideas of what could cause this?  Client
> issue?  Samba issue?  ldap issue?
> The clients are all Windows XP service pack 3 and the server is a Fedora
> 10 server running samba and ldap.
> Usually the only time that I have this happen is if I accidentally add
> another computer to the domain with the same name.  I understand that, but
> I have not done that on any of these.
> One lab has brand new computers.  The other lab just got imaged day before
> yesterday.  I'll go ahead and get them all added back in, but I need to
> find what to be looking for if they keep doing this.  Thanks.

This may be an ldap question.  I was looking at the machines info and I
checked on about 5 of them.  For some reason it is showing that the
sambaPwdLastSet has changed in the last couple of days.  Is this supposed
to ever change for machines if you do not remove them from a domain and
then add them back in?  I would think it would always stay the same.

Machines are added by samba with smbldap-useradd -w "%u".


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