[Samba] Group not updating - Active Directory Auth with Winbind - Is there a way to make it update?

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Mon Nov 30 00:44:58 MST 2009

vishesh kumar wrote:
> I think on linux system you can view primary group of user, if suppose
> user is member of 'Domain Users' and  'sales' group , on linux system
> it just show 'Domain users'
Well, primary group is only one.
But you can use 'groups' to see all groups. Or 'id'.
If your user in in both 'Domain users' and 'sales' groups, then he'll be 
able to access 'drwxrwx--- root DOMAIN\sales ... only_sales_people'.

If you have nested groups, you'll have to enable the corresponding 
option in smb.conf .

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