[Samba] Can't share my secondary HD (Ubuntu to Windows)

EDUARDO McCOMAS upfront09 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 18:17:01 MST 2009

Hello, I recently built a System out of old Computer parts I had. I
installed Ubuntu 9.10 in it. I built it for sharing all my files with my
other computer at home. I'm tired of having so many external Hard Drives.
So, I built this new/old system and installed an old Seagate 500GB hard
drive I've just RMAed. I'm able to share all my files with Windows Vista & 7
without any issues at all. I installed Samba and it all worked without any
issues at all, it was supper easy, just like I need it.

*Here is the issue:*

Once I had the Ubuntu system sharing well I decided to Dismantled another
External hard drive add as a secondary hard drive to the system. At first I
could not get Ubuntu to share it. It took me a while to get windows to see
it but I did it. The issue I'm having is that Windows finds it but it says
"Access Denied" contact server administrator, that's some kind of
Administrator I make. Nevertheless, here are a few things I've done, the
most relevant:

*One *

Followed this, https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/interne...ng-shares.html<https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/internet/C/networking-shares.html>
Under "Sharing folders via the Shared Folders application"

the part which uses: shares-admin

This worked, to the extent which I was able to see my hard drive in Windows.
Please remember this is only my secondary hard drive for which I'm having
problems with, My primary hard drive, the one with Ubuntu installed can be
seen and shared without issues. I then tried this same instruction with a
folder. I thought if I can get one folder to be shared correctly, from my
seconday hard drive, I could just put all the hard drive's content into that
one folder. But I was not successful. I should mention that the secondary
hard drive has been formated with NTFS, since it was an external hard drive.

*Second* I tried this:

I used Gedit and edited Samba, See here:
Still the same problem. I'm really a Noobee at any kind of Networking, even
Windows. I would appreciate any help. If I'm able to share my secondary hard
drive I would add my two other external to this system and tuck it way just
let it do it's magic without a monitor.
Note, just in case is important this Computer is connected to the Network

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