[Samba] how to join to AD ?

mistofeles ptmusta at utu.fi
Thu Nov 26 09:07:41 MST 2009

Kevin Keane-2 wrote:
>> an unbelievable long list of packets and options I have seen no mention
>> anywhere. Now it seems that I got to rip the packet open and check it
>> thoroughly ?!?
> Probably not. Samba should already be compiled correctly on most
> distributions. It's actually not all that bad. 
You are right. Ubuntu deb seems to be OK.
I didn't even need OpenLDAP

Kevin Keane-2 wrote:
> The remaining items Jason mentioned are configurations for recompiling
> Samba.
It seems that all the parts needed are in the deb and there is no need to
recompile in this kind of simple cases.

Kevin Keane-2 wrote:
> mistofeles wrote:
>>> The only thing I'm sure, I will not include, is this damned IPv6.
> You might want to rethink this. Expect in about two years a cutover on the
> Internet, similar to the recent conversion of broadcast TV to HDTV. We are
> getting very close to the point where Internet providers won't give you
> IPv4 addresses any more but IPv6 addresses.
> Windows already uses IPv6 as the primary protocol; Microsoft actually
> implements most new features as IPv6-only.
I have my reasons to 'hate' IPv6. I know that it is coming, but just now it
is causing troubles.
We have a rather slow public part in our network, where our students can use
net without joining their private computers to the AD. Mostly they have 
either WVisva or W7 in their laptops. For some reason M$W is broadcasting
the IPv6 calls all the time. The public net is full of that kind of calls
and the net has no space for the real data. There is some modifications to
firewalls under work, which will block these M$W IPv6 calls.

Thank you for your comments.
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