[Samba] how to join to AD ?

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> > Windows already uses IPv6 as the primary protocol; Microsoft actually
> > implements most new features as IPv6-only.
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> I have my reasons to 'hate' IPv6. I know that it is coming, but just
> now it is causing troubles.
> We have a rather slow public part in our network, where our students
> can use net without joining their private computers to the AD. Mostly they have
> either WVisva or W7 in their laptops. For some reason M$W is broadcasting
> the IPv6 calls all the time. The public net is full of that kind of
> calls and the net has no space for the real data. There is some modifications
> to firewalls under work, which will block these M$W IPv6 calls.

Actually, your best bet to solve this might be to turn IPv6 ON. It's most important to turn on on your router.

The reason MS is broadcasting IPv6 all the time is that IPv6 is trying to autoconfigure - basically, the IPv6 equivalent of looking for a DHCP server. That fails not because the machines can't find an IP address (autoconfiguration takes care of that in IPv6) but because they can't find a default gateway. So basically the workstations continually try to figure out their IPv6 configuration and generate a lot of traffic talking to each other "hey, are you the default gateway? - No" "What about you, are you my default gateway? - No"

The default gateway is resolved through a router advertising daemon - radvd in Linux -, which you don't have. With that, the workstations will stop this broadcasting (actually, it's multicasting - there is no broadcasting in IPv6) as soon as they have a valid IP address and default gateway. I recommend an additional DHCP server because that also lets you set a DNS server (without a DHCP server, name resolution is by mDNS - basically, broadcasts). Even with a DHCP server, you still need radvd (or the equivalent on your actual router) because DHCPv6 does not let you set a default gateway.

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