[Samba] TOSHARG-Printing.xml translate finished and some bug found

ITPFS oota t-oota at dh.jp.nec.com
Thu Nov 19 00:24:49 MST 2009

Now, TOSHARG-Printing.xml translate to Japanese finished(3.4.0 base).
And some bug found.

The following is a discussion of the settings from <link linkend="extbsdpr">Extended BSD Printing
Configuration</link> <link linkend="extbsdpr">Extended BSD Printing Configuration</link>.

You can form quite complex print commands. You need to realize that print commands are just
passed to a UNIX shell. The shell is able to expand the included environment variables as
usual. (The syntax to include a UNIX environment variable <parameter>$variable</parameter>
in the Samba print command is <parameter>%$variable</parameter>.) To give you a working
<smbconfoption name="print command"/> example, the following will log a print job
to <filename>/tmp/print.log</filename>, print the file, then remove it. The semicolon (<quote>;</quote>
                                                                                              forgot ) -
is the usual separator for commands in shell scripts:

                 you can still mount it from any client. This can also be done from the
                <guimenu>Connect network drive menu></guimenu> from Windows Explorer.
                                       may be typo -

        <varlistentry><term><smbconfoption name="guest ok">yes </smbconfoption></term>

                   -no data
Since the <smbconfsection name="[print$]"/> share is usually accessible through the <guiicon>Network
Neighborhood</guiicon>, you can also use the UNC notation from Windows Explorer to poke at it. The Windows
9x/Me driver files will end up in subdirectory <filename>0</filename> of the <filename>WIN40</filename>
directory. The full path to access them is <filename>\\WINDOWSHOST\print$\WIN40\0\</filename>.

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