[Samba] Looking for AIX Users of Winbind -- Authorization and SSHProblems

Andrew Masterson Andrew.Masterson at nuvistaenergy.com
Fri Nov 13 11:24:23 MST 2009

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> Subject: [Samba] Looking for AIX Users of Winbind -- Authorization and
> SSHProblems
> Hi all,
> I've got Samba with Winbind working on AIX 5.3 and 6.1 fairly well
> Active Directory 2003.  In fact, I'd say short of 2 very important
> it's working almost perfectly.  Unfortunately, these 2 services are
> critical, and without them I'm afraid we'll have to resort to some
sort of
> proprietary identity solution like Novell, which I'm not crazy about.
> Assume that these examples are all from Samba 3.3.4, though I have
tried a
> few versions back to 3.0.0 and forward to 3.3.9, with no different
> These are also from pWare's compiled versions (linked here:
> http://pware.hvcc.edu/download/).
> The two things I can't get working with Winbind on AIX:
> 1. SSH.  Doesn't seem to work on AIX 5.3 with Winbind.  I get a
> Not owner" and "initgroups: Not owner" error in the sshd debug and the
> session is closed after authentication succeeds.  I *can*, however,
get this
> working on AIX 6.1 with pWare's compiled SSH
> 2. Authorization (e.g., who can log into the box ... NOT just all of
> I'm pretty good at configuring Winbind on Linux, and on Linux there's
> pam_winbind.conf file that I usually use to lock down the box to
specific AD
> users or groups -- I use the require_membership_of line and it works
> fine.  Unfortunately,  I don't see any pam_winbind.conf file in AIX by
> default.  I've tried placing it in /etc/security/ or in other
locations, but
> it doesn't seem to be used.  I've also tried adding pam_winbind lines
to the
> /etc/pam.conf and manually adding the "require_membership_of" after
> stanza, like so:
> telnet  account required        /usr/lib/security/pam_winbind.so
> require_membership_of=someGroup
> ... also with no success.  To me, it's simply unacceptable to
implement this
> Winbind configuration without being able to choose who logs onto the
> Without implementing some form of authorization, I might as well just
> everyone's password blank.
> So, my question to everyone is: is there anyone out there using
Winbind with
> AIX?  If so, have you overcome those 2 issues I'm describing?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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We are using winbind on AIX, and this is my documentation on how I got
it to work:


cp -p /opt/pware/samba/3.0.28/lib/security/WINBIND /usr/lib/security

edit /usr/lib/security/methods.cfg and add

        program = /usr/lib/security/WINBIND
        options = authonly

edit the default stanza in /etc/security/user to have

        SYSTEM = "WINBIND OR compat"


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