[Samba] Desktop.ini in Startmenue

Christian Rost cr at rocon-it.de
Mon Nov 2 08:02:39 MST 2009


the desktop.ini issue can't be solved by samba. That's because the contents of the "Start Menu" are located in different places, like within your Windows profile (roaming) and the "All Users" profile (local). Because the latter is located on your PC, there's no way for samba to interfere. 

BTW, it's not an samba-only issue, because you will get your desktop.ini files in a Windows-only network, too. 


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--------Daniel Spannbauer <ds at marco.de> wrote--------
Subject: Re: [Samba] Desktop.ini in Startmenue
Date: 02.11.2009 15:05

>Miguel Medalha schrieb:
>>> Roaming Profiles are working, but I always have the desktop.ini 
>>> visible in some folders of the Windows-Startmenue.
>>> I found several hints for the dos-attributes in smb.conf, buit 
>>> notthing seems to work.
>> You have " hide files = /Desktop.ini/"
>> In any Windows computer, you will find both "desktop.ini" and 
>> "Desktop.ini".
>> Linux is case-sensitive, so "desktop.ini" is not covered by your 
>> configuration.
>> I would advise you to use "hide files = /desktop.ini/Desktop.ini/".
>> That's what I am doing and it works.
>> I use it on the "global" section of "smb.conf" in order to cover all 
>> shares.
>Added the line "hide files = 
>/Desktop.ini/desktop.ini/ntuser.ini/NTUSER.*/tmp/RECYCLER/" to the 
>global-section, but this seems to has no effect. There is still visible.
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