[Samba] My Documents: Music shows, Pictures not so much

Todd E Thomas todd_dsm at ssiresults.com
Sun May 31 08:14:59 GMT 2009

Hey all, I have a functioning Samba server in my test lab. All of my 
must-haves are met.

My problem really boils down to a minor nuisance. Basically, when I log 
the test users in and open My Documents I only see one folder: My Music. 
Not that I really care but curiosity is killing me here and I can't 
figure out why the My Pictures folder is not present also. On top of 
that users love their comfort level and I don't want them minus 
something they're used to when using my server.

If I create a user local to the windows xp box that I use for testing 
then both of the My Music and My Pictures folders are displayed so I 
know the template profile (used to make all other profiles) is working.

My only theory is performance, logins are somewhat slow, maybe 20 
seconds or so before the hour glass goes away. I'd say this is pretty 
thin if not completely off point.

If there are any useful insights out there I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance,

Todd E Thomas

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