[Samba] secrets.tdb and Samba 3.0.28 -> 3.3.4 migration

Bjoern Meier bjoern.meier at googlemail.com
Mon May 11 04:55:43 GMT 2009


2009/5/11 Patrick Rynhart <P.Rynhart at massey.ac.nz>:
> Hi all,
> When moving between Samba 3.0.X revisions, I have been able to copy the
> secrets.tdb file and the trust relationships with foreign domains remain
> established.  However, this does not appear to work when moving directly
> from 3.0.X to the 3.3.X branch.  Is there a tool available that allows
> us to migrate - or can tdbdump (or similar) be used to dump out data
> from the 3.0.X format and then be imported into the 3.3.X DB format ?
> If so, how ?
> Thank you,
> Patrick

self Problem and question here.

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