[Samba] samba ldap configuration & attributes needed

John Goubeaux goubeaux at education.ucsb.edu
Wed Mar 18 19:06:02 GMT 2009


I am attempting to get an install of Samba authenticating against a Sun 
DS as a "stand alone" smb server eg. non PDC.
I have the host OS ( solaris 10) properly configured to authenticate 
against the directory, the directory schema modified
to accept the PosixAccount and SambaSamAccount objectclasses, smb.conf 
configured and in place and a test user in place as well.

My two question(s) are:

What are the minimal directory account attributes needed to get a user 
to authenticate?  eg my understanding is that many
of the attributes are used for a samba server acting as a PDC, which in 
my case are not needed.

My user base in the DS allready exists, so I will want to just add the 
extra necessary object classes and attributes to the
user's existing entries. What mechanism determines what the  sambaSID  
and  sambaPrimaryGroupSID values are ? I am unclear
how these values are derived and what they are based on. Realize my 
users already have passwd's in their entries that I am hoping
to not have to change.

any help is appreciated!   -john


John Goubeaux
Systems Administrator
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
UC Santa Barbara
Phelps Hall 3534
805 893-8190

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