[Samba] Can Windows be forced to supply new logon credentials?

bbt5001 moody at bluebelttech.com
Tue Mar 17 15:15:55 GMT 2009

I'm new at this - perhaps my terminology is not correct.  I've been trying to
set up 3 shares on a samba server (latest version supported on Ubuntu 8.04),
and I'm having mixed success in obtaining the behavior I desire:

My server, cayenne, is in the DOCS workgroup, and has these shares:
PUBLIC - read-only by anyone, writable by 'docadmin' members
SUBMIT - the common place for all employees to submit drafts.
RELEASED - the official company-private documents. read-only by employees,
read/write by docadmin

I would LIKE anyone poking around on the network neighborhood to see the
server and see the names of the shares.  If the user is not an employee then
he/she should be able to peruse the PUBLIC share deeper, but not the other
two. If the user is a valid employee then he/she should be able peruse the
SUBMIT and RELEASED shares in accordance with their privileges granted by
whether or not they are document administrators.

So I'm trying to test various settings in smb.conf, and it finally hit me
that my biggest problem is that Windows XP is caching successful past logons
to connect to the samba server, and I can't seem to make it clear this magic
cache.  I have a bunch of test users on the samba system, and these are
members of various groups that should grant them public, employee, or
docadmin privileges.  According to the logs, the initial connections are
being made with an old successful user/password I used yesterday (not even
my real windows ID).

How can I have Samba force connections to be from a new user/password
combination?  Or is there some way to have Windows XP "Professional" stop
caching/sending old credentials? (At least, that's what I think the problem
is here.)

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