[Samba] Postfix and Samba best practice

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Mon Mar 16 10:44:28 GMT 2009

> My question is this:
> Is it better to store the mail somewhere else entirely - i.e. 
> /var/mail/users or something or a new home directory (/home/mailstorage) 
> or something?  In which case how best to set up permissions?  It seems 
> that when the mail is stored it gets the username as the owner:group.  
> This should mean that logging in over imap should allow that user to 
> read/manipulate mail

Yes, use Cyrus IMAPd, which uses a sealed mailstore, and don't access
your mailbox through anything other than a mail related protocol

> Or should I try to share out a different directory via Samba.  I.e. 
> Leave the mail in /home/username/.Maildir and get Samba to share out 
> /home/username/samba for example?

You can also continue your current setup and just use Samba's veto files
directive in the home directory share to hide whatever directory
contains the user's mail

  veto files = /.Maildir/
> Obviously, I can bodge this around with permissions etc but would prefer 
> any links to best practice so that we can implement the best way on all 
> future installs.
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