[Samba] Postfix and Samba best practice

Kevin Bailey kbailey at freewayprojects.com
Mon Mar 16 13:56:44 GMT 2009

>> Or should I try to share out a different directory via Samba.  I.e. 
>> Leave the mail in /home/username/.Maildir and get Samba to share out 
>> /home/username/samba for example?
> You can also continue your current setup and just use Samba's veto files
> directive in the home directory share to hide whatever directory
> contains the user's mail
> [homedir]
>   ...
>   veto files = /.Maildir/
>   ...
Brilliant - thanks!

I did have that at the back of my mind - but thought of blocking 
directories by name might cause a problem if a user decides to create a 
directory called Maildir - but of course - your solution only stops the 
viewing of that one particular directory.

This means that all data is in the /home partition which can be set as a 
large one - permissions are fine - and courier-imap works without any 

Thanks again!


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